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'Hi Jonathan. Today my 5 year old daughter was completely blown away by your visit to school and I have rarely seen her so excited, bursting with facts. We had to go on the internet straight away and see Millie and all of the other animals.  I got lessons in camouflage, tail regrowth and a few jokes thrown in.  I always think in this world people are quick to criticise and never bother when the feedback is good - so thank you sincerely and keep up the good work - you are obviously fantastic at what you do. All the best for continued success.' - Parent following a 2014 school visit


'Without doubt the best teaching session I have ever seen a visitor provide in my 20+ years in education.  Jonathan's manner with the children, the level and content of the information given and the way in which he involved everybody in the room whilst fully respecting the  concerns of a few of our children were all exemplary.  The use of a video camera to display animals like the tarantula on our interactive whiteboards was nothing short of incredible.  By the end of the session even those who had expressed their concerns were absolutely enthralled!  Jonathan is a consummate professional and receives my highest recommendation, he will certainly be coming back to see us again before the year is out! ' - Primary School Head teacher


'We had the pleasure of Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow at our daughter Libby's party. Having already seen Jonathan and his 'friends' during a school visit Libby was desperate to see him again so we booked him for her 7th birthday.  Jonathan called to see what visitors Libby would like and during the party he made her feel like the most important person in the world. Jonathan has a way with the children that just keeps them captivated every single moment. You can't fail to be impressed and will come away knowing that not only has your child had a fantastic time but it's also been educational and fantastic value for money. - Alie, party mum


'The children were absolutely captivated by the animals and your visit will be talked about for months!  They were given fantastic opportunities to touch and hold the animals and I am sure it will be an experience that will stay with them forever.  Your enthusiasm and fondness for your animals really came across and the children could sense this and felt very at ease with what some could have found quite daunting.' - Key Stage 2 teacher


'Jonathan came to do a party for our 9 year old daughter and both adults and children were just amazed by what we saw!  We all got to hold some of the animals - the geckos were brilliant, and Jonathan explained clearly all about them.  My daughter and her friends were talking about it for weeks afterwards and my son loved it so much he insisted on a return visit for his party!  They both said it was the best party they had had.  Jonathan has a very calm manner with the children, making even those who are a bit nervous feel at ease.  I would whole-heartedly recommend him for a birthday party with a real difference.' - Alison, party mum


'A unique experience for our students and one which they have talked about more than anything else from our recent events week.  Jonathan will certainly be invited back in the future and we will be delighted to see his amazing 'friends' all over again!' - Secondary Science Teacher


'Brilliant, calm, clear delivery.  A great hands on experience.' - Year 1 teacher


'Absolutely fantastic in every respect, the children are still talking about Jonathan's visit and their favourite animals several weeks after the event itself!' - Year 3 teacher


'I sat in on Jonathan's session with my child's class and was really impressed with the way that he held the attention of the children and made them feel completely at ease.  It was absolutely fascinating and I would recommend him 100%!' - Parent observer of session with Reception children


'An inspiring visit with so much educational value for the children.' - Year 2 teacher


'I had a great experience that I will treasure for always' - Callum, 9


'Jonathan's use of the camcorder and interactive whiteboard totally enhanced the children's experience of seeing the animals of Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow.  It enabled a large group of children to feel really close to these unusual creatures and gain a much better insight into the details of their markings and why their bodies behave the way they do.' - Year 4 teacher


'I thought Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow was brilliant.  It helped me get rid of my fear of spiders and now I think they're lovely!' - Toni, 10


'Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow is an absolute triumph as birthday parties go, my son and his friends all thought it was brilliant and loved getting to know the weird and wonderful creatures!  The information Jonathan gave on the animals was fantastic, both informative and fun.  Should the opportunity arise we will book again, no hesitation!   Many thanks.' - Steph, party mum




'Absolutely amazing I'm booking Jonathan again now for next year!' - Sarah, party mum

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