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Last updated Thursday 15th April 2017

News and important events in the lives of the animals of Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow are reported and updated here from time to time - feel free to check back in the future to see what is happening in Jonathan's animal collection!  For more information about any of the animals featured here, follow the links to each animal's page by clicking the blue highlighted words in the relevant text or where highlighted to do so.

**N.B. Older news stories (and their page links) may refer to animals which I no longer have in my collection so please check the Meet the Animals page for correct & up-to-date information about the animals in my current collection!


Saturday 15th April 2017  Since my last update several more of my tarantulas have moulted and all are looking absolutely fantastic! First up is Curly, one of my larger female Honduran curly hair tarantulas:

Next up is my Velvet, my juvenile blue velvet pink toe tarantula. She is getting more and more colourful with each successive moult:

Finally here is the moulted exoskeleton (exuvia) of Spinderella, my adult female Peruvian pink toe tarantula. I will get some pictures of Spinderella herself as soon as I can but, as she has only moulted in the last 24hrs as I write this, she is nowhere near fully hardened up again following the moult!

Here are pictures of the exuvia with the carapace (head area) in place and then removed - you can clearly see the holes through which Spinderella has pulled her new exoskeleton. No matter how many times I witness this process it never ceases to amaze me!

Saturday 11th March 2017 My beautiful juvenile Peruvian pinktoe tarantula has moulted in recent days and is looking ever-more gorgeous, although she still has plenty of colour changing to do before she becomes an adult!


Thursday 9th February 2017 This beautiful spider is Velvet, my juvenile blue velvet pink toe tarantula, freshly moulted and looking absolutely gorgeous!

Tuesday 31st January 2017 Today has marked the tenth anniversary of my first ever school visit as Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow!! This is a very special landmark for me and I would like to say a HUGE thank you to absolutely everyone who has been involved in my many hundreds of school visits during the last ten years! I spent today at Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Swindon and here are some of the staff enjoying meeting a few of my animals after school!

26th January 2017 I had a lovely surprise today when I found this tiny baby crested gecko wandering around in the enclosure of one of my breeding groups!

Monday 16th January 2017  I am delighted to report that, following the end of my recent naming competition, my lovely baby Mexican black king snakes now have names!  The female is to be known as Ebony and the male is to be known as Liquorice. Thanks very much to Jill Stone of Cheltenham and Joanne Brierley of Carterton for these excellent suggestions!




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